Everything you need to know about eBook conversion services

Reading was always a big part of human lives, it allows us to enter our own magical world and relax our minds while picturing everything author wrote. It also helps us understand the world better, it educates us, and it makes our lives more interesting. With the development of the technology books changed its forms and today eBooks almost entirely replaced hardcover books that were entertaining people for a long time. Book authors have to overcome much more obstacles than they used to if they want to publish their piece. Finding a perfect publisher can be a lot easier since many different companies provide publishing services but publishing your piece requires you to carry out necessary modifications of your manuscript such as conversion or typesetting services.

Formatting errors and unrecognizable symbols are one the most common mistakes when it comes to eBooks, even if you hired the most prestigious publishing company out there. It is almost impossible for your piece to be readable for everyone since there are hundreds of different devices you can use for reading eBooks, precisely this is the reason why there are eBook conversion services. eBooks conversion services can be different depending on the manuscript format your publisher requires and the readability level you want to achieve. The best thing about these services is that you can perform them on your own if you are skillful with this kind of things, however, if you aren’t you can always hire a company that will do the job professionally.


512x512bbeBooks most common form is a PDF format, and it is great if you want to read a book on your mobile phone or computer, but it isn’t readable by machines which sometimes can be a requirement for your publishing company. That is why you can there are PDF to XML conversion services. Extensible Market Language can help you encode your PDF document to a format that will be readable by machines and human too. You can hire a company to do this for you, or you can find a step-by-step guide online and do it yourself.

feature-1ePUB or Electronic Publication Format is widely used and supported by a large number of platforms, as opposed to PDF format, ePUB is better for mobile devices, and it doesn’t have editing functions. The difference between the two and the reason why you would need ePUB conversion services is that each of the formats supports different eBook readers, for example, Mobypocket or Sony reader for PDF, Apple iPad, Noble Nook for ePUB. It is necessary to use ePub conversion if you want to have access to all data you need.

Kindle eReader is an excellent, widely used reading device these days and for a reason, who would want to carry a million hard covered books with themselves when you can read everything on your Kindle. The problem appears when you want to read the same book on another device such as your computer or mobile phone, but you don’t have anything to worry about since there are Kindle file conversion and MOBI file conversion tools available online for anyone who wants to convert the file to PDF or some other format.